Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

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Fat Tuesday was quiet around here. No regrets like the kitty above. I enjoyed a big bowl of Chocolate Chip Mint ice cream. That was about as exciting as it got. Though I did get my haircut and went even shorter this time. Perfect to show off the ashes I received at Mass this morning!

I'm giving up dessert this Lent. Gluten, too, except for Communion host. But giving up gluten isn't really a sacrifice. It's more of a health thing for me. I feel much better when it's not part of my diet. Are you giving anything up for Lent?


Brandy said...

Good luck on giving up gluten. I haven't quite decided on what to give up yet. I better decide fast!

I hope your day is great!

Quilt Lady said...

I wish I could give up my deserts and things, I would be much better off.

Jane said...

I don't think I'll be giving up anything for Lent.

Maria Zannini said...

Now I understand why I posted that Gluten free recipe book on The Frugal Way. LOL.

I must have read this earlier, and when I saw the link for the book, I thought...hmm...maybe I'll post this. (never putting 2 + 2 together)

Obviously my brain keeps thinking even when it forgets why it was doing stuff.

Melissa McClone said...

Too funny, Maria! When I saw that on FB, I thought "Perfect timing!"

Hope you thought of something, Brandy.

Already I'm wanting M&Ms. That's my go-to food group when I'm writing or revising!