Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Kitty Crush

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The pic above immediately had me plotting a kitty romance! LOL! Isn't that cute?

I'm still dragging and fighting off whatever wants to take me down so trying to take it easy. I was supposed to have lunch with my friend Tiffany, but we moved it until later in the week when I (fingers crossed) will be feeling better.

I've been putting a good-sized dent into my new proposal. It's set on Mount Hood in my fictional town of Hood Hamlet. Last night as I was watching the premiere of SMASH (big musical fan here), I saw a news report about a missing climber on Mt. Hood. Members of PMR (Portland Mountain Rescue) were heading up the mountain to search for him. I couldn't help but think about my friends who help me with the mountain rescue missions in my books and belong to that group. I sure hope they find the climber, and that he's safe.

Update: I just found out they found the climber's body. It appears that he died following a severe fall. Very sad news. The climber was thirty-two, married with two young children. RIP Jared Townsley.

Update #2: Turns out he belonged to the climbing forum I belong to, too :( Jared was a photographer. This is his website if you want to see some of the pictures he took.

Hope you have a nice Tuesday!