Friday, February 10, 2012


funny pictures - Origami kitteh needz practis  ...and thumbz
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I love this kitty. I'm wondering if this is what they call a Russian Blue. That piece of paper would be a big hit here. No thumbs required, only paws to bat it around the hard wood floors and chase after it!

I'm all thumbs today. In a good way. I have two things to work on now. My revisions came back from my editor. She loved the story and was very specific about the changes she wanted. I always like to give myself a little time to let the suggestions sink in before tackling them so am not making changes just yet. This is what I call the percolating stage.

Of course, that's not helping me make progress on the new proposal. Two stories in one head. Pass the Advil, please! But I'm sure I'll be able to keep them separate enough. Hood Hamlet is the new setting. Hollywood is the revision setting. Very different! As are the characters.

Speaking of writing, I came across this blog article from Terribleminds yesterday that talks about writers. If you aren't a fan of certain four-letter words, skip it. But if you want to peek into what's going on inside a writer's head, it's worth a read. I was nodding along as I read. A little scary how close to home it hits. Well, except for the coffee and alcohol. Just change it to tea and chocolate for me! LOL!

Have a great Friday.