Friday, February 24, 2012


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My son is competing at the Short Course Championships this weekend so I'm with him in Corvallis while hubby holds the fort at home. We have a nice room. There's a huge jacuzzi tub in the room. Finn can't wait to try it out.

He's very excited to compete. In July, he was supposed to compete in the Long Course Championships, but broke his arm at a a soccer tournament so couldn't swim. It's been slow for him coming back and he still hasn't hit a couple of times he'd made before, but he still managed to qualify for more individual events than he's allowed to swim. That's enabled him to spread out his swims.

This format is different than last years' championship. They swim preliminary heats in the morning, then finals later. He's going to have to drop significant amounts of time if he wants to make the finals, but no matter how he swims we're proud he qualified and is here competing.

Our morning is starting really early so I'd better get going. I'll be breathing in chlorine fumes and going through a polish read of my continuity revisions in between Finn's heats. What are you up to?