Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Cover!

funny pictures - Mr Jingles cared nothing for the game, he was on a mission. The ball had to die.
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This LOLcat brought back memories of various sporting events when an animal got loose on the field. But I always figured they ran crazily because of fear, not because they had a mission!

Speaking of sports, I received the cover to my soccer book that'll be out in May.

Here's the back cover copy:

The return of her favorite rebel…

Lucy Martin’s dream of marrying her Prince Charming might
have fallen apart, but she’s determined to make her soccer-mad
nephew’s dreams come true. But that means asking her old crush
Ryland James, the legendary bad boy of soccer, to coach her
nephew’s team.

Injured and ordered to polish his tarnished reputation, Ryland’s
looking for distraction. Coaching might be more involvement
than he likes, but with gorgeous Lucy offering cookies as a bribe
he can’t resist! This soccer superstar might have met his perfect
match…if he can convince the once-burnt, twice-wary Lucy to
get back in the game.…

I'm busy typing in revisions. It's coming along and is a stronger story after my editor's feedback. I just need a few more hours to get the final 70 pages inputted. I always end up rewriting more than what's in the revision letter. Once I finish inputting changes, I'll print the manuscript again and do another pass.

I also have to pack. I'm taking my son to his short-course swim championship meet aka "State" even though it's not quite the entire state. The two of us are going on our own as we did last year for Sectionals. It'll be nice to have some mom-son time!