Sunday, February 12, 2012


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I had to laugh at this LOLcat. Yesterday, we returned home from a belated celebration for Rose's 9th birthday at Great Wolf Lodge, a really fun water park resort north of us. The cats' reactions were mixed on us being back.The kitten was thrilled. She ran around checking out the luggage and us. The older cats were mad. Even though they had a cat-sitter to take care of them, it's not the same as family. There were hisses, mean looks and outright ignoring of us.

I needed to go to Mass last night due to the a swim meet this morning. When we got home, something had changed. The older cats were now so happy to see us and all over me. Of course, it was dinner time by then. LOL! So typical. But they did plop themselves down next to me as I read over my revision letter again. And they were back in their same sleeping spots when it came time for bed.

As for our vacation, we've been to Great Wolf Lodge before, but only for a night each time. We stayed two nights this time so were there for three days. I have to admit it was really nice to have the extra time. We had fun, but also time to relax. I even roughed out a chapter on the new proposal. I didn't feel as we were trying to cram everything in and best, we weren't stuck camped out in the lobby the day we left in order to get in more waterslide rides. Since we're return visitors, we received gold VIP bracelets as well as an extra hour to check out in the morning. I'm not sure what that says about us since Great Wolf Lodge is the only place we've ever been VIPs!

My sister's family went with us. This was what my two nephews had wanted to do for their birthdays along with Rose. I think I wrote about that back in January when she turned nine and kept changing her mind about how she wanted to celebrate her birthday. My nephew Connor, who went to NYC with us last summer, invited a friend so there were 12 of us there to have fun together! And we did!

Rose had her first professional manicure at a kids' spa called Scoops. All the lotions and scrubs are ice cream flavored and she received a free ice cream when she was finished. It was very cute!

The kids had a blast playing Magic Quest. They carry magic wands and go around the hotel looking for clues. Their are journeys and adventures. Rose with hubby's help finished everything on Friday night. It wasn't her first time doing it, but she had so much fun. She proudly showed off her new pin and certificate. She was listed as #17 on the high point chart. She kept wanting to go back and defeat the dragon the rest of the weekend.

No matter what the age of the kidlet, they all enjoyed the arcade. I don't want to know how many dollars I handed out. But they came home with lots of little trinkets, a couple Angry Birds heads and fun memories so it was worth it.

Mackenna and my niece went to the Teen Lounge both nights and had fun playing video games, dancing and meeting other kids their ages. They are definitely growing up. This was the first time they didn't do Magic Quest.

The big draw, though, is the water park. The last time we were here they allowed plastic inner tubes in the wave pool. No longer. I'm guessing this is a safety issue. They have different kinds of slides and bigger rides. I enjoyed my talks with my sister while we sat in the hot tub. The kids were all about the Howling Tornado. I think they lost count on the number of times they rode it.

The only negative thing happened on our second day there. I had ordered her a Magic Quest birthday package for Rose before we arrived. When we got to our hotel room, there was a Great Wolf Lodge happy birthday poster on the door. She thought that was so cool and was excited to hang it on her bedroom wall when we got home! But the next morning her poster was gone. I called the front desk to see if housekeeping took them off the doors each morning, but no, it had been stolen. This seems to be something that happens regularly. At least that was the impression I received after talking to the gift shop who generously replaced Rose's poster. (We decided not to put the new one up.)

I must admit I'm still so surprised someone would steal a kid's birthday poster. It never crossed my mind to take it off the door before we went to bed. Part of the fun was having people wish her birthday as were were going into the room. Whoever took it was careful to take all the tape off, too, rather than rip it from the door. Oh, well...I guess they must have really wanted it for some reason.

Now that we're home, it's back to the same old same. Swim meet and futsal today for the kids. Writing and watching them for me. Sleeping and eating for the older cats. Playing, sleeping and eating for the younger cats.

What's up with you?