Thursday, February 16, 2012


funny pictures - Cutest.  Bath.  EVAR!!!!1
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The above kitty is too cute! I had to do a double-take when I first saw this because the cat looked like a stuffed animal the first time I saw this!

Our cats do not like baths. Mackenna found a spray shampoo that's she's been trying with them. When we went to Great Wolf Lodge, a couple of them decided not to groom themselves for some reason (most likely they were mad at us even though they had someone taking care of them) so they needed some extra grooming help.

Mackenna is getting good at grooming the dog, too. With all the showing she does in the Jr. Handler Ring and 4H, she's learned how to get Chaos ready herself. That saves so much money, plus it's good experience for her if she ever wants to work for a professional dog handler in the future.

I've been busy working on revisions. I liked the book when I submitted it in January, but it's always fun to revisit a story and make it better. It always amazes me what typos make it through even after a critique partner and I have looked at the pages!

Today is my rescheduled lunch with my friend Tiffany. I can't wait. Do you have any plans?


Quilt Lady said...

Cats don't like baths, I have even tried starting out giving the a bath when they were kittens but it didn't work then either.

Jane said...

What a cute kitty. It's raining today and so there are no plans.

Brandy said...

That cat doesn't look real! Every now and then we have to help a cat out with grooming. A few weeks ago I actually had to give one a bath and she was so unhappy about it she cried the entire time and I made a mistake and she bit me. (MY mistake was getting hand too close to her mouth at the same time I accidentally poured water over her head.)
No major plans today. The kids enjoyed the Humane Society's talk at our 4-H/homeschool group's meeting, though.

Hope your day was gorgeous!

Amy W. said...

That kitty is so funny. The way it is laying there it seems to be saying, "I give up. Just get it over with fast. This is just so undignified" In the last picture,"now are you satisfied?"