Thursday, February 02, 2012


funny pictures - Hey bob,  there are other trees u know
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I can so relate to the above pic. Instead of a tree insert a pillow. The one on the bottom, that's me. Back when Smalls was alive, she used to sleep around my head. Sometimes it would get a little cramped or she'd hiss if I moved, but she was a small cat so it wasn't so bad. Now both Rocket and Smalls want to sleep there. It's hard enough for my head and one cat to fit on the pillow. Imagine two? No. Room. At. All. For me, that is. They don't seem to mind when they have to sleep on me in order to fit. Sigh...

Hope you have a nice Thursday! I'm going to write the synopsis for my new book today. What about you?


Virginia said...

That wouldn't work for me, I don't like anything around me when I sleep. I don't even want hubby up against me when I sleep.

Brandy said...

I don't like the cats sleeping near my head, but I usually end up with one on either side as I sleep. I feel hemmed in! I call Layla my purry teddy bear as she's my usual sleep buddy. *g*

Is this new book going to be another Mt. Hood book? Oh, wait, you mentioned soccer, right?

We're having another crazy Thursday.

Have a wonderful day!

Jane said...

Nothing much happening here. It was 60 degrees here yesterday, but now we're back to the cold.