Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Kitty Crush

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The pic above immediately had me plotting a kitty romance! LOL! Isn't that cute?

I'm still dragging and fighting off whatever wants to take me down so trying to take it easy. I was supposed to have lunch with my friend Tiffany, but we moved it until later in the week when I (fingers crossed) will be feeling better.

I've been putting a good-sized dent into my new proposal. It's set on Mount Hood in my fictional town of Hood Hamlet. Last night as I was watching the premiere of SMASH (big musical fan here), I saw a news report about a missing climber on Mt. Hood. Members of PMR (Portland Mountain Rescue) were heading up the mountain to search for him. I couldn't help but think about my friends who help me with the mountain rescue missions in my books and belong to that group. I sure hope they find the climber, and that he's safe.

Update: I just found out they found the climber's body. It appears that he died following a severe fall. Very sad news. The climber was thirty-two, married with two young children. RIP Jared Townsley.

Update #2: Turns out he belonged to the climbing forum I belong to, too :( Jared was a photographer. This is his website if you want to see some of the pictures he took.

Hope you have a nice Tuesday!


Quilt Lady said...

I have to go get the shopping done today, not one of my favorite things.

Brandy said...

I hope the climber is found safe! Aww, the picture does bring to mind a bit of romance. *g*

I hope you stay healthy!

Sarita said...

Such sad news, Melissa. I am so sorry.

I hope you feel better soon! Love it that you're making such great progress.

I need to take a hint from you and buckle down soon.

Love the cats!

Amy W. said...

Love the cats!
Very sad about the climber. My husband also loves to climb but doesn't have much time for it now. I feel that getting in the car for the daily commute is more dangerous and a lot less rewarding than doing something you love. P.S. About two years ago on the way to work a semi-truck ran into my husband's car and totaled it. Fortunately my guy was okay.