Tuesday, February 21, 2012


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This LOLcat cracked me up. A couple of my friends have had their accounts hijacked by either friends or family. Suddenly their relationship statuses change and whatever their status message won't sound like them. It happened to one of my friends who is a Twilight die-hard. Her son wrote that she didn't really like the new movie. Of course, that sounded nothing like her. It was funny to see what happened when she realized what was going on.

So far it hasn't happened to me. Fingers crossed it doesn't. Have you ever had your account hijacked or known someone who that happened to?

This morning Rose and I are going on a field trip to Bonneville Dam for science. We were supposed to do this before, but that was a day it snowed so the trip was postponed.

Have a nice day!


Brandy said...

No, no hacking or changing of my Facebook account by anyone but me. *g*
Wishing you and Rose a great day!

Jane said...

My cousin's email was hacked and it sent a bunch of spam to her friends.

Quilt Lady said...

My niece left her facebook account opened one day and her sister got on there and put some things up, its was quite cute.

Dru said...

Hope you had a good time with youngest.

Amy W. said...

My niece(15 yr old) was at her house with a "good" friend. She goes to the bathroom. Her "friend" picks up my niece's phone and texts my brother-in-law--her dad saying, "I am so depressed I feel like killing myself". You can guess what happened after that. Lesson learned.

Melissa McClone said...

That is awful, Amy. I'm not sure I'd want to be friends with someone who did something like that. Jokes about relationship statuses are one that. That's just mean.