Friday, February 03, 2012


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I think the above applies not only to cats, but some people! I couldn't believe it was February already and now I can't believe it's already Friday. I don't want this week to end. I've been having so much fun reading and writing. I even managed to have lunch with my friend and Irish dance dressmaker extraordinaire, Alison Thrasher! You can check out her beautiful creations here.

I guess a lot of people are excited about the Super Bowl. Me, not so much. If the San Francisco Forty-Niners were playing it would be a different story. Now I'll just watch the ads, though many of them I've already seen.

Volkswagon had released their teaser/pre-ad. Now the real Super Bowl ad has been released.

I like last year's Little Darth Vader better. What about you?

Hope you have a great Friday!


Brandy said...

I'm not a big football fan to begin with, so am not sure about watching the Superbowl. The kids want to, but it's just not my thing.
Last years Darth Vader commercial was funny and cute. I do like this year's Ferris commercial, though.

Best wishes for a fantastic day!

Jane said...

The one last year was very cute.

Quilt Lady said...

Cute, I don't watch the super bowl either, we are just not into sports at all here.

June M. said...

I don't watch the football game either, just not a sports fan really. I did like the Darth Vader commercial from last year though.