Sunday, April 15, 2012

The 100th Anniversary of the Titanic Sinking

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I've been obsessed with the Titanic since I was in high school. In case you're wondering this was before the Titanic had been discovered by Robert Ballard. I have a bookcase shelf full of Titanic books, and back in 1996, I did some passenger research on those with ties to Oregon that ended up on Encyclopedia Titanica.

On this Titanic Centenary, I thought I'd post a few links for you to peruse.

The first is from USA Today. It's an article about the memorial celebrated on the MS Balmoral, a cruise ship that has been retracing the Titanic's maiden voyage.

Fox News talks here about various events worldwide being held to mark the anniversary.

This one might make you laugh. It's a bunch of Titanic Memes.

And finally, here are some old blog posts of mine dealing with the Titanic:

I attended a Titanic dinner party in April 2007. This post describes the party and the pictures are at this Flickr page. If you want to know more about the background of the party, this post talks about how we won the dinner. This one is about my character and dress. And this one about the shoes I redid to make them more Edwardian.

And, of course even though isn't legit, who could forget the trailer for Titanic: The Sequel...


Dru said...

I was thinking about you as I watched many of the Titanic specials.

Brandy said...

I remember when you were talking about your party in 2007 and the shoes you made more authentic looking.
Have you head of the troubles plaguing the cruise for the MS Balmoral?

Hope you're having a good day.

Quilt Lady said...

I didn't watch any of the specials and to me its hard to believe that they have never totally figuir out what happened.

Maria Zannini said...

I'd never seen that trailer before. Outrageous, but great. It wouldn't be the weirdest thing Hollywood ever produced.

Melissa McClone said...

Dru and Brandy - It's been cool having so much Titanic stuff out. I figured a couple of the regulars here might remember that party and my prep for it!

Quilt Lady - there are lots of theories about it. One I recently heard was very different about it almost running aground against something. I was in a hurry, but need to go back and reread that one.

Maria - that fake trailer was out about five years ago, if I remember correctly. I thought it was very well done!