Saturday, April 21, 2012

Being a mom

funny cat pictures - Mama needs  a cocktail.
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I can so relate to the LOLcat above. I'm not a big drinker, but I sure needed some chocolate yesterday. My two youngest kidlets are eleven and nine. They can get along for about five minutes unless Beyblades or Legos are involved. If I had a dollar for each time I said "Don't touch each other" I could run away to a nice cabin in the mountains, complete with satellite Internet service, and live quite happily. Though I remember my sister and I doing the same thing if one of us crossed the imaginary line in the car and was on her side so I guess this is one of those phases kids go through. Just praying they outgrow it soon.

Yesterday we went to a bat exhibit at the World Forestry Center. We learned lots of interesting facts about bats from the presentation. Bats are really cute, especially these tiny white ones that make tents out of leaves to stay dry from the rain. We watched a video of a vampire bat stalking its prey. I didn't know that vampire bats don't suck blood but lap it up with their tongue like a kitten. They'll also share the blood with other bats. Unfortunately they only had pictures of bats, no real ones. Though the guy giving the presentation did have a bat jacket with a good and winged arms.

I have to admit I was a bit taken aback by some of the slides used in the presentation. I'm all for having fun, but when it's kids you have to be a little careful. The World Forestry Center used somewhat vintage looking Batman cartoon stills during the slide show and a few seemed a bit sexy for a kids' educational program. The Batman thing was a cute idea, if only more care had been put into selecting what was used. Wonder if I'm overreacting? Imagine two women with their legs kicked over their heads and their butts showing (one wearing only black panties which are somewhat thong-like.) I was thinking maybe I was only me who was felt this way until my nine year old commented, without any prompting, that the cartoons were "inappropriate" and told me which ones and why.

This morning, I'll be counting laps as my son swims in the annual Swim-a-Thon. His goal is 200 laps. He's done it twice before so this time he set a time goal. He wants to finish in less than an hour. I'm sure he will. The kid is great when he puts his mind to something. He hadn't started gathering any pledges for this fundraiser until yesterday, except for his grandparents who wrote a check on Easter Sunday. Amazingly, in a very short time he exceeded the required amount he was supposed to raise ($160.)

Hope you have a nice day!