Monday, April 30, 2012


funny pictures - Oh!  Gheesh!   Heres  it  comes  again.  Dat  fing  called  Mondae. Wen  i  rulez  da  wurld,  i  iz  gettin  rid  ob  itz.
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Mondays always get a bum rap. I usually don't mind them too much, but today I'm hoping the LOLcat above succeeds in getting rid of Mondays. I'm wishing it was still Sunday right now! More sleep might change my mind about today, but it was a busy weekend and I had a lot of catching up on words and page proofs to do last night!

It also doesn't help that it's raining and Finn's class is doing a water monitoring field trip at a creek today. Though maybe the time the trip rolls around the sun will be out. Fingers crossed. This class is older so probably won't need the same supervision as Rose's class. I would love the chance to sit in the car and write! I still have lots of catching up to do!

What's your Monday looking like?