Sunday, April 29, 2012


funny pictures - I got camouflage, too...  I soldier with you, yes?
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Yesterday was full of camouflage and ninja wear at Warpaint International, a paintball place in Salem, Oregon. It was a lot of fun though it can hurt when those paintball hits. The two youngest members of our party had the most problems with getting hit which reaffirmed my thinking on who should play. The eleven to fourteen year olds admitted getting shot hurt, but they didn't break down like the ten and under crowd (my daughter and nephew) did when hit. I'm so glad I went with my gut on this and limited the guest list. Birthday parties and tears are no fun!

Here's a picture as they prepared to play. Notice the non-paint splattered clothing.

Unfortunately hubby has the after shot of the entire group shot (minus the two younger ones who didn't want to touch the guns again) on his iPhone and he's on a plane at the moment so I can't upload that one.

I splurged to make this a private party so they weren't playing against a squad of paintball experts and adults. Some guys that were there play all the time. And I saw when Finn's soccer team did this in the fall that a private party might be more fun for them. It was, and definitely worth the extra $$$.

Finn said he loved his birthday so that put a big smile on my face. I also have a feeling he's going to want to go back again. Though I highly doubt his little sister will ever want to play again. Too bad, because she was a natural at it and shot two people her first game!

Hope you have a great Sunday!