Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Links

funny cat pictures - AAHH!...SANCTUARY!
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My cats would agree with the LOLcat above! Poor Chaos. They really don't like her.

Another crazy Wednesday today with the addition of lunch out with my parents. A belated birthday lunch for my oldest who turned 14 in March so I decided to share a couple links with you.

For any cat lovers out there, have you heard about Meow? He's a thirty-nine pound cat who was turned into a rescue group in New Mexico then transferred to the Santa Fe Humane Society. Meow's made quite a splash. He's even gone to New York to be featured on several television shows and met Hugh Grant.

For the cat and Star Trek fans, Here's one for you that I don't think I've shared here yet. It's called Cats in Space. Be sure to watch the Making of Cats in Space one, too. Very cute.

For animal lovers, here's something from BuzzFeed called 13 Pets Who Are Plotting to Take Over the World.

Remember my blog post from last week titled Make it With a Fireman? Well, I'm not the only one who liked it. Lots of thumbs up for the hottie firefighter and the kitten in a beret, including this one from Huff Post Women. The Jezebel link within that article is cute, too!

Remember, if you comment on the blog, you're entered to win a $10 gift eCard from Amazon or BN. I pick a winner at the beginning of each month from all the comments left here. Just check back to see if you won!

Have a nice Wednesday! I'm going to be able to start counting down the craziness as activities come to an end in May and I'll have totally free days by June.