Monday, April 23, 2012

Curious Cats

funny cat pictures - we haz dismantled ur interwebz.
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Aren't those kittens cute? I'm sure my cats have felt like making my computer unusable. That's why I have a special place to put it!

Speaking of cats, it's kitten season. That means for the next several months shelters everywhere will be bursting at the seam with cats. If you're in a position to foster cats (you don't just have to do kittens which can be some work, but older cats, too) contact your local animal shelter or rescue group. Fostering frees up space and allows shelters to take in animals who need homes and otherwise might get turned away. We're fostering a senior cat (age 13) named Miss Mousie.

I'm actually excited for Monday. I don't have to volunteer at school or drive for the carpool. I can spend my day writing. Woo-hoo!

How does your Monday look?


Quilt Lady said...

Not much happening here today! I pretty much have doctors appointments the rest of the week!

Melissa McClone said...

Oh, no Quilt Lady. Is it your back? I hope you feel better. Hugs!

Brandy said...

My Monday is full. I second the plea for fostering. And spaying and neutering!

Have fun writing today!

Jane said...

It's gloomy here. Will be watching the hometown team in the Stanley Cup playoffs tonight.

Maria Zannini said...

This picture kind of scares me. Isn't there a power source within the guts that can kill you? My husband is always warning me to be careful when I go looking inside my pc. There's some exposed electrical conductor in there.

Don't want nuthin to happen to those kitties.

Melissa McClone said...

Brandy - yes on the spray and neutering, too! Every time I turn around I hear about more kittens needing fosters. It's breaking my heart, but I just can't take anymore in right now :(

Jane - Good luck to your team in the Stanley Cup!

Maria - I know nothing about computers. I just know it reminded me of Beauty and Yoda who are always getting into everything. I would assume they turned off the plug/surge protector unit when they took the pic since it looks staged to me. But what do I know? I use a MacBook Pro/laptop so there's no guts for them to crawl around in, but they definitely will plant themselves on the keyboard and on the screen to get my attention! I do remember when Rocket bit through a lamp cord and got electrocuted. Scary moment. I called the vet and they said get here now. His heart rate was so high he almost died. The only good that came out of it was he never chewed on another wire!