Thursday, April 26, 2012


funny cat pictures - he's not perfect  but he's perfect for me
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I love this LOLcat! I wrote something like this in my lastest synopsis, too! Heros and heroines won't find someone perfect, but they can find someone perfect for them. (Us, too!)

Working hard on the current manuscript as well as reviewing AAs (page proofs/galleys) for my November release. I've cut my required page goal in half in order to have time to read through the AAs, but I hope to have those off this weekend so I can get back to writing only!

I'll be writing in between appointments. Today is appointment day. Chaos has her annual exam and shots. Yoda has his, too. Of course, they go to two different vet offices. Then I have a hair appointment this afternoon.

What do you have going on?


Quilt Lady said...

Its appointment week for me have a mamogram today and have to see back surgeon tomorrow. Dread it!

Brandy said...

Today is Daughter's Birthday, and she teaches tonight. Hope your day is nice.

Jane said...

Nothing special going on here. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Brandy.

Maria Zannini said...

Two vets? That way leads to madness. :)

I got my second round edits today. Thank goodness these edits are flying by. After all I've suffered lately, I need a break.

Love that kitty picture. So sweet.

Melissa McClone said...

Quilt Lady - hope your appts. go well.

Brandy - Hope your daughter had a lovely birthday.

Jane - I wish I had a day like that. Today's going to be worse than yesterday!

Maria - we actually have three since I'm fostering a senior cat now. Good luck with edits.