Monday, June 18, 2012

Beauty's Fault

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This pic was Chaos last night! After Mackenna and I arrived home from the Cascade Hound Show, she put her grooming bag on the ledge of the cutout between our dining room and entry hallway. Beauty, our 10 month old kitten, was very intrigued by the bag and trying to reach it when we left with dog in tow. We were off to have dinner with my parents to celebrate Father's Day.

When we returned later that night, Chaos kept going into the dining room. I saw her put her paws on the table. Mackenna went to investigate.

Turns out little Beauty had pulled a bag of dog treats out of the grooming bag and put them on the dining room table. Not sure how she managed to do this given she's quite small for her age, but when it comes to food she seems to have super power ability. Thank goodness she didn't eat all the treats. That wouldn't have been good.

Chaos must have smelled something in the dining room and was attempting to reach them. Mackenna found the dog with the plastic treat bag in her mouth and an even bigger mess on the floor from the stuff she'd knocked off. I've been using the table as a catch all for things lately.

Bad doggie. Even though it started with a bad kitty!


Quilt Lady said...

Cute post! Cats will suprise you sometimes as to what they can do. Just because she is small doesn't mean much! I am having a cat problem myself. I just bought rubber mulch to put out in front of my house and it seem that the neighborhood cats seem to think its there bathroom. Now I have flies swarming in front of my house. Also the rubber mulch is not cheap. Any ideas on how to get the neighborhood cats not to use my mulch as a bathroom anyone. Please help.

Melissa McClone said...

Oh, no! I've never heard of them liking rubber mulch. I would go to a local pet store. Not sure where you live, but some place like Petsmart or Petco. I know there are sprays to keep cats from marking. I wonder if something like that would work. They might even have something for this.

I hope you can get it stopped!

Brandy said...

Ooh, poor Chaos, in trouble because of something the kitty did!

Best wishes for a good day!

Maria Zannini said...

Partners in crime. If only they could use their superpowers for good instead of evil. LOL

At least it wasn't chocolate.

Dru said...

blame it on the cat.