Friday, June 15, 2012


funny cat pictures - *sigh* upstairs neighbors are always arguing!
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The cats have been arguing. Well, hissing and spitting and scratching one another. The older two, especially. They don't seem to like anyone or anything much these days except their food and me (but only when I'm doing what they like.)

The kidlets have been arguing, too. It got so bad I cancelled our bowling outing yesterday. Instead of having fun with their friends at Big Al's, they got to wash dishes and clean the house. I've tried to be nice and understanding, but I've had enough. For the rest of the summer, there are no more warnings. If they act up or don't do what I ask, there are consequences.

I'm looking forward to the weekend! The sun is already out. Not that I get to enjoy it today due to revisions, but I'm ready for summer to arrive. How about you?