Friday, June 22, 2012


funny cat pictures - Sorry I got so wrapped up in mah werk
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Just how tired have I been lately? Well, late Wednesday night, I emailed an update on my revisions to my editor Carly. At least I thought that's what I'd done. On Thursday, I found an email in my inbox from bestselling author Carly Phillips. I'd sent the email to her by mistake! Oops!

I think my editor must have taken pity on me because my revisions aren't due now until Monday. What did I do yesterday in addition to more writing? I slept! It felt really good. Now it's back to work! I want to polish this manuscript until it shines!

A friend posted this link to a story about a kitten named Mercedes on my Facebook page. Read about a Good Samaritan who ended up with a kitten. And you'll also find out how Mercedes got her name.

Enjoy your Friday!