Saturday, June 09, 2012

Saturday Links

funny cat pictures - The eternal Kitteh Kweschun
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Too cute! Spring means kittens. On Facebook, I've been seeing all the ones available for adoption at the shelters/humane societies. Beauty is ten months now, but still into everything. She plays, sleeps, plays, sleeps. And she sleeps like the dead. Nothing will wake her up. A lot like one of the kittens in this adorable Godvine video. (I can't figure out how to embed it!)

Not much to say today. Normal kid activities going on, but I hope to get in as much revising as I can. Grief is an odd thing. The past week as been definitely up and down, though too random to plan for and/or around. Wish it was more predictable. My mind and heart keep going in and out of wanting to write/not wanting to write. But no matter what I'm feeling I must write. The date June 18th (when revisions are due) is starting to glow on my calendar with each passing day.

For writers out there, I found a great link I want to share. Deb Smith wrote about "Making a Small Book Big" on the Bell Bridge Books Blog. Check it out! I found it very interesting and something to think about with my own stories.

For romance authors and readers, check out Nicola Marsh's blog post about the new Harlequin Kiss line. Looks like the UK Riva books (released in the US as Harlequin Romances and Presents Extras) are getting their own line and look here.

For everyone, CNN wrote an article about a once homeless teen who didn't let her circumstances stop her. No sense of entitlement that many teens these days have here. She worked hard and persevered and well, read the article to find out what's happening to her now. It's worth the time.