Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Random Wednesday

funny cat pictures - Can we just write the pizza guy a CHECK?  I only found 75 cents in there... and someplace called "Narnia"...
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I adjusted a cushion on our couch last night. I didn't find Narnia like the LOLcat above, but I was amazed by the number of pens and pencils. That's were they'd all gone!

Not much to report here. I've been catching up on things and we've been watching the US Olympic Swimming Trials. My son is loving every minute of it!

We've also been following the fires in Colorado. So sad and terrifying. A writer friend has her car packed and is waiting to hear if she has to evacuate. Another author I know is staying in a hotel. I can't help but think of all the animals, both pets and wild ones.

I'm on Day 14 of Whole 30. It's definitely getting easier. The kids had a pizza I'd picked up at Costco for lunch, and I wasn't tempted at all. Our dinners have definitely improved. No more fast food when it's late and we're on the way home from one practice or another. We just eat a little later after we got home. Last night was grilled salmon, asparagus and salad.

Part of this plan is you're not supposed to step on the scale for the thirty days. I feel better. Hubby says I've lost weight. I'm curious to see what the end result is after 30 days, and also what happens as I reintroduce foods.

This is on my To Buy list, Star Wars Family car decals from Think Geek! So cool!

Anything random, you want to share!