Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Can't vs. Can

funny cat pictures - DARE YOU TO MAKE A FORT THEY SAID
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The LOLcat above made me smile. I know when I'm told I can't do something it makes me work that much harder.

When I was in 10th grade at CVHS, my English teacher told me I'd never get into Stanford. I was stunned even then that a teacher would tell a student that then. I'm horrified now as a mother. But instead of putting me in my place, it made me work harder so I did get into Stanford and graduate from there.

Of course, it was at that same school that Mrs. Penny Cooper, my AP English teacher in twelfth grade, introduced me to category romance novels by having us read a Harlequin Romance as an assignment studying genre fiction after we'd taken the AP test. She encouraged her students and made them believe they could do anything. Like write one themselves!

I guess both ways worked out in the end, but I much prefer the latter.

Have a great Tuesday!