Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Cute kitty

cute animals - Daily Squee: Downward Facing Leopard
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I've been up since 4 am and unable to go back to sleep. I need a little squee this morning, and this cute leopard fits the bill perfectly.

Astoria, Oregon
I survived the trip to Astoria and Fort Clatsop, learned lots about the Columbia River and the Lewis & Clark expedition's stay in the area.  I now have the One Direction CD memorized, which I figured would happen, even though I turned it off on the drive there once the girls had fallen asleep.

It was about an eleven and a half hour day. We had enough time to make a quick stop at the Astoria Tower. We hit a little rain on the drive, but overall a gorgeous day. I also got an idea for a romance hero while I was there. I'm going to do a little research after I get the revisions finished!

Hope you have a great day! I have a feeling I'll be crashing at some pint this morning. Sigh...


Brandy said...

Yikes! That was a long day. I think you deserve a nap. ESPECIALLY after the One Direction CD thing. Best wishes for a good day!

Quilt Lady said...

Oh wow that was a long day at least you got a hero out of it. Sounds like you need some much needed rest.

Dru said...

That's a long day. Hope you're able to get some rest.