Saturday, June 23, 2012


funny cat pictures - Multi-tasker:  Can exercise while shredding your curtains at the same time.
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This LOLcat might be a multi-tasker, but I'm relishing in the fact I have very little else to do today other than write! Hubby offered to take our oldest to a dog show today which means I don't have to be out in the pouring rain all day. Yay hubby!

I'm going to embrace the role of multi-delegater today. That means the two youngest kidlets will be multitasking today. They can take care of the cats and the dishes and whatever else pops up that doesn't involve fire or blood.

What will you be up to?


Quilt Lady said...

I am trying to get the laundry done and house cleaning today. Want have much time for blogging. Taking a break right now because back is hurting. I am not good at multi-tasking myself just get what I can get done. It will be there tomorrow.

Quilt Lady said...

Also be glad you are getting rain. It is really dry here and we haven't had any rain for a while. When we get rain its just a small rain that doesn't do much.

Brandy said...

We had errands, lots of errands, to run and went swimming. I came home and cleaned. I'm actually daydreaming about sleep.

Best wishes for a lovely Sunday!

Dru said...

This morning I'm doing the laundry and then later hit the gym and then its inside because it's humid out there.