Friday, June 08, 2012


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Love this LOLcat! Not only does it remind me of a couple of my cats, but "soon" has been the operative word earlier this week. (Second to "creepy/creeper" which 14 year old girls seem to use so much I couldn't keep track of the number of times during the drive to Astoria and back on Tuesday.)

Soon, my revisions will be done. I'm finally back writing after Elizabeth's death on Sunday. It's going slow, but I really don't have much of a choice due to deadlines.

Soon, I'll finish the latest newsletter for the Norwegian Elkhound groups. (Sooner than the other stuff!)

Soon, I'll see Snow White and the Huntsman. (That will be my treat for turning in revisions.)

Soon, I'll figure out what book to write next.

Soon, hubby and I will make a carpeted ramp so Spirit has an easier time getting on and off our bed. She's 15 now and can no longer jump up there. She uses her nails to climb instead, and she seems a little hesitant to get down, too.

Soon, summer vacation will start. Yesterday was the last day of real classes, but we will probably go until the end of the month to make sure everything is done. But math and spelling with a little writing once in a while will continue throughout the summer.

Soon, the sun will come out.

I'm hoping this last one happens sooner rather than later!

Anything "soon" in your life?


Quilt Lady said...

We have sun here not going to have rain until Sunday. Soon I will have to cook the evening meal before son goes to work. I will have to have back surgery soon and am not looking forward to that. I have a long road ahead.

Brandy said...

I'll keep Quilt Lady in my prayers for a successful surgery and rehab afterwards.

A ramp sounds like a good idea and a sweet one, too. I'm thinking of getting stair-steps for Layla because she's 11 years old and my bed is quite high and I don't want her to possible injure herself getting down.

We're working all summer on schoolwork. I tried giving them time off and they just seem to forget too much and then getting them back into the homeschool "groove" doesn't work as well, either.

I hope your "SOON's" don't wear you out. Blessings!

Maria Zannini said...

That cat kind of creeped me out.

It won't be long until we'll have to build a ramp for Tank. He can get up there most of the time, but every once in a while he seems to think about it, perhaps wondering if it's worth the jump.

Melissa McClone said...

I hope your surgery goes well, Quilt Lady! I'm assuming there will be physical therapy you'll have to do afterward, too. Keep us posted on when it's happening, etc.

Brandy - Spirit was good until the past month. I don't know if she's just getting old or what. Her brother has no problem jumping everywhere. Very strange, though she's always had more health issues then him.

Haha on being creeped out, Maria. I guess I'm so used to being stalked by my furbabies I find it more endearing than anything else. One of mine really would do something like that! We just don't feel it's worth the risk of her hurting herself. Sometimes, she won't jump down and waits for us to put her on the ground so a ramp is definitely on the to do soon list. Probably this weekend and we've decided to cover it with carpet too.