Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cat 4-H

Last night I took Rose to her 4-H meeting. This year we're doing cats instead of dogs. A good decision given Chaos ended up having seizures and Astra (who we borrow for Rose to use) had a litter of pups.

After the business meeting, kids brought out their cats to show. It's different from dogs in that the cat really doesn't do anything. The handler positions them for the judge. Probably a good thing given most cats don't do anything their supposed to do when asked.

Rose left Beauty at home. This was only our third meeting (including the Christmas party.) But she was there to watch.

One member brought out their Maine Coon. He was huge and gorgeous with this tiny, high pitched meow. His fur coloring was lighter, but he reminded us so much of Rocket. Still missing my big boy.

When country fair time rolls around, the cats are kept in cages. Each one is decorated so Rose is trying to think of a theme to use. Then we'll have to see how we can turn the cage into whatever she thinks up. The good thing is the cat part of fair is only 3 days compared to 7 with dogs.

So that was my night. How was yours?


Brandy said...

Daughter is taking a business class every Tuesday so we had that as well as regular MA class. We used to have a maine coon. He was the biggest, sweetest, scardy cat we've ever had. I miss him so much.
Will Beauty be the kitty shown? Are you thinking of playing off her name forthe cage decorations?
Hope you have a good day.

Quilt Lady said...

We have been trying to catch a goundhog in a live trap because he is digging tunnels under our building. So far last week we caught a raccoon and last night a opossum and no luck so far on catching the goundhog.

John Wilson said...

Nice post!

And such a beautiful picture:)

Your kitty is so cute ^____^

Chris Westerfield said...

What a wonderful cats. Wonderful animals. LIke them very much and have two of them in my house.