Monday, April 01, 2013

Spring Break

This week is Spring Break where we live. All I've heard for the past couple of weeks are all the fun places my oldest's friends are traveling to: Mexico, Disneyland, Palm Springs, Hawaii and Indonesia. Yesterday on Easter Sunday, she was texting a friend who was at Disneyland.

She told us, "The line for the Matterhorn is 50 minutes right now."

Not bad for Spring Break, I told her. It was often longer when I was there in July for the RWA conference. She wasn't amused.

My oldest is so distraught over being stuck at home this week. I know a lot of this comes from her spending last spring break on an Eastern Seaboard tour with her 8th grade teacher and classmates. Of course, she's not even at home for the next few days. We spent Easter at my parents' house and she stayed there last night.

And when she gets home I'll try to figure out something for us to do around here. Maybe not overnight due to the animals, but a few staycation activities so her spring break won't totally suck after all.

Hope you are enjoying your first day of April!