Sunday, April 28, 2013


Today is my son's 13th birthday. It's a big day for him. He gets a cellphone and a Facebook account. He's very excited!

Right now we have several boys in the house waiting for chocolate chip pancakes and bacon to be served. That's what he wanted for breakfast. Last night he had a sleepover. We took the boys to dinner at The Olive Garden, Finn's favorite restaurant. Then it was home to play Xbox, open presents and have cake.

He wanted an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Of course, I forgot to order one, which meant driving to three DQs yesterday to find one where they could write his name on it. The others had these edible decorations he doesn't like.

I was happy that once the TV went off it never went back on. The boys played night tag outside. Then they played Mafia inside until the wee hours of the nights. My two daughters joined in. It's played in the dark and there were lots of squeals of laughter during the game.

Of course that wasn't the only celebrating yesterday. At the end of March, we joined a new swim team that is much closer to our house than the old team. It was a change I'd wanted (simplify is my word for 2013) and the kids went along with it. Another family we are super close to made the switch at the same time which has helped with the transition.

Well, yesterday his new team went all out for Finn's birthday. His friend from his old team made a big card for him. Another girl on the team made another. Both arrived at Saturday's practice early to get people to sign it. So sweet and Finn was very touched. The team did big shout-outs to him and a poolside Happy Birthday. This followed a match of them playing water polo (Finn's favorite) so he was all smiles. Then, at the end of practice, our friends who came over from the old team brought out homemade sweet rolls for everyone. Three pans like the one to the right. Yum! Needless to say, the best swim practice ever!!!!

Finn and I were the same height until last week. He surpassed me. That makes two kidlets taller than me now. A strange feeling. I'm sure Rose won't be too far behind.

Happy Birthday, Finn! You'll always be my little bo-bo, no matter how tall you get!