Monday, April 15, 2013

Digital Release Day!

Guess what's being released for the first time in eBook form today? My third published book!

The Wedding Lullaby was originally published in November 2000. Here's the back cover copy: 

From the wedding march... to the rock-a-bye baby!
Innocent socialite Laurel Worthington had only met handsome tycoon Brett Matthews once before—at their wedding! Then, a wager had meant a one-night marriage. Swept away by the romantic fantasy, Laurel had willingly surrendered her virginity to her sweetly seductive new husband.

But the self-made millionaire wondered if Laurel would ever have come back to him if she hadn't needed his help. He vowed they'd marry again—and stay married—for the sake of their unborn child. But this time Laurel wouldn't marry for anything less than her husband's heart...
The first thing I'll tell you about this release is I had know idea the book was being converted to digital so it wasn't updated for 2013, but I will add that I'm still fond of this story for a couple reasons:

1)   The Wedding Lullaby is set in Portland, Oregon, where I used to live. I still remember going to open houses in the Dunthorpe area looking for an estates/mansions to use in the story. The houses were gorgeous.

2) It's the book that introduced Portland billionaire Henry Davenport to readers. I had no idea when I wrote this story that he'd end up playing matchmaker in three other stories and have his own story told in a fourth one. Unfortunately the other books are out of print and have not been digitized yet.

3) When I wrote and submitted the proposal about a pregnant heroine, I wasn't pregnant. By the time they bought the story and I had to finish writing it, I was. I also had a toddler at the time. A few things my heroine went through during her pregnancy are similar to what I want through carrying my son Finn. He'll be thirteen soon. How time flies!