Thursday, April 04, 2013

Finicky Cats

This morning two cats decided they did not want to finish breakfast. Instead one went over and licked the dog bowl. I'd added a little goat's milk to that one to soften up the kibbles. The other disappeared to see if there was food elsewhere in the house. He'll soon be back disappointed.

Of course, this means the hunger pains that hit around lunchtime (they eat three times a day) will start a little earlier unless I give them a snack (a bowl of something to self-feed.) I do mix up the foods and brands they get so they don't get bored, but I wonder if they do this on purpose in order to get a snack. But that would take concerted effort, one I haven't seen since my old three (two of which are no longer with us) rallied against Chaos after we adopted her. Or maybe they're picky and finicky because their cats. That's much more likely.

I just hope they don't expect lunch at 9 am today!

Have a great Wednesday!