Monday, August 10, 2009

Feeding Time

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This row of feeding bowls would never work for my cats. I tried giving them each their own bowl. Rocket, my big boy cat (often lovingly referred to as our fat cat), would just eat all three bowl unless I stood watch. Since I don't have that much spare time on my hands, I use one bowl to feed all three now, and it works well since the cats have determined their own feeding order.

Spirit, the queen of the household, goes first. As soon as I start pouring the food, she appears. Even if Rocket is right there, he backs away so Spirit can eat. Sometimes she won't be hungry, but she wants to be the first one to check out the food bowl. A sniff, then she'll walk away without taking one bite. I'm not sure why the other cats let her get away with that, but they do. Maybe it's because she's usually the one who lets me know when they're hungry if I haven't already fed them.

It's Smalls turn next. The feline females rule in the McClone house or perhaps Rocket is just a gentleman cat. He will patiently sit and watch while she takes her turn. This must be hard for him because she won't eat from the bowl. She must first remove the food and place it on the floor. I'm guessing this is some ingrained habit after living outside for so long until she became an indoor cat. I really wouldn't want to use a garbage can as a plate, either! Though she drinks from the toilet, rarely the water bowl, so who knows what her true motivation is.

Once she finishes, it's Rocket's turn. Finally. And he enjoy every single bite!

Hope you have a great Monday!