Thursday, August 13, 2009


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This pic reminds me of the kidlets. "But, mom, she liked what I was doing to her." Oh, yes, that's why she was screaming and crying.

I'm not at the screaming or crying stage with my revisions, but I have read over the letter so many times I think I've memorized parts. The letter only mentioned a couple of specific things. The rest of the letter was more general. That gives me more leeway, but sometimes it can be difficult to know how much to change.

Right now, it's looking like a lot. And that's not such a bad thing. I really am a layer writer. I write in drafts and each one gets better. I didn't get as many drafts in with this book as I normally do. Now's my chance to do that!

This morning, I had a great phone call with my critique partner, Virginia Kantra. We talked about three characters in the book: the hero, the heroine and the hero's best friend who also happens to be the heroine's ex-fiance. We also dissected what I had about each in the book, and what I should change. After an hour, my head was so full I was thankful it was time to take my youngest to swim lessons!

But now that I've played tennis with my son and eaten breakfast, I'm ready to put my chat into action. Manuscript, here I come. I'd already made notes and highlights through the first five chapters, but now I'll go deeper and see what happens.

What are you up to today?