Monday, August 17, 2009

Manic Monday

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The dog and cats aren't getting along. The kidlets don't want to listen to me. There are places to go, phone calls to make and things to do... It must be Monday!

I've started taking the weekends off. Not from writing (I still work a little every day), but from everything else I normally do during the week. I don't blog or read blogs. I might post a Facebook status message or Tweet, but that's it. I must admit it's been really nice! All of those things are fun, but they really are a time drain. I'd rather spend the two days my hubby has off with him, not staring at my monitor!

I'll be sure to preload the Crossfit workout since the end is near!!!!!

I had my final hand therapy session today. She had me do a paraffin wax treatment that left my hand feeling oh-so-soft and ultrasound. I can't believe how much the sessions have helped. But... the therapist doesn't recommend me climbing for the rest of the year. I'm bummed, but I'd rather be pain-free and have full use of my thumb than hurt it again by climbing too soon.

I'm continuing to work on the revisions, as well as think of my new story. It looks as if I may be turning it into a Christmas tale which will take some re-plotting.

A heat wave is returning to the PNW, too. The temperature should hit 100 degrees tomorrow. Looks like I'll be sleeping on the couch again!

How is your day going? Manic or mellow?