Friday, September 13, 2013

Another week!

We've almost survived another week of full-time school. And this week hubby has been gone. But I've been so busy I've hardly noticed I'm alone during the day. Well, alone if I don't count the fur kids. One thing I realized this week is I wish there was a bus to take my oldest to her school and bring her home! Spoiled by the other two already!

One reason for wanting that bus is I started a new story, one I'm writing super fast, and having a blast with! I just can't wait to write and write again. Love when this happens! I'll tell you more about this project soon!

The kids are still loving school. Nothing but smiles. The only tears happened this morning when Rose was making her lunch. Chaos grabbed her sandwich off the counter and ate it. Thankfully, we had another package of ham in the fridge!

On the bummer side of things, my oldest is sidelined from swimming, right as the high school swim schedule gets underway. Her shoulder is still bothering her from her bike accident back in early July. She has an MRI on Monday. Would appreciate healing thoughts and prayers sent Mackenna's way. She's still going to practices and was at the first meet yesterday acting as the swim team manager. Sure hope she doesn't have to stay dry the entire season.

Well, time for me to get to work! Hope you have a wonderful Friday whatever you're doing!