Friday, September 06, 2013

Small World

The first week of school has gone well! Yay!

Everyone is adjusting to the full-time schedule, including me! Of course, there hasn't been much homework. Next week will be a better test. But both of the younger kids are excited to head to the bus each morning and smiling when they walk in the door in the afternoon so that's a huge sigh of relief. I miss the kids, but am also enjoying the freedom to do things during the day.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my dear friend, Tiffany. We used to be neighbors. We used to climb together. We used to hang out a lot! But between our move and her being an ex-pat in London for a  couple of years, we haven't seen much of each other. We reconnected at The Bollywood Theater to have a belated birthday celebration (mine!)

We picked up right where we'd left off! I wasn't surprised at all.

What was surprising was who we saw at the restaurant...the woman who introduced us over ten years ago! It was fun catching up with her. Tiffany and I used to belong to be shareholders in the CSA she and her husband run. They noticed our addresses and that we were neighbors so introduced us so we could 1) carpool or 2) alternate picking up our harvest shares at the farm. We not only did that, but became friends! Pretty amazing we lived a couple houses away from each other and had never met!

Needless to say a wonderful time yesterday.

And now that the kids are in school, I hope it's not a couple years until we can get together again!