Friday, September 20, 2013


I can't believe it's Friday! I had plans for a few blogs this week, but I got busy working on my Christmas Novella (pretty much all I was doing until yesterday) and then had a few cat things crop up and all the writing came to grinding stop!

On Wednesday, a new senior foster, Gabbro, came to stay with us for a few weeks. She's a fifteen year old black cat, so tiny. She was not doing as well in the shelter as they'd hoped. She's on a lot of medication and a picky eater. So far so good. She's a biter though. I have the scabs to show for it. But she's coming around. She's a little stiff in her movements so not a big jumper, but when I woke up my oldest guess who was in bed with her? Gabbro had gotten up there herself. Of course, she didn't know how to get down. I helped her! Might have to set up stairs like we did for Spirit. These old girls just aren't as nimble as they once were.

Then on Thursday morning, I received an email from Home Again telling me to renew Rocket's subscription. He's my furbaby who died in March. Needless to say, I started my morning off with a good cry.

Then about an hour later, I found this cat on my back porch. Well, in full disclosure mode, the two dogs found him. Though we didn't know the cat was a he. My first thought was he looked like Rocket, due to the coloring and long-hair.

I knew the dogs wouldn't hurt the cat, but I was worried the cat might freak and attack them. I planted myself between the cat and Cato, since I knew Chaos would listen to me. The puppy not so much. I ended up with two front paws caught on my track pants.

Rose saw me outside and came out to help, getting the dogs inside. The poor cat was so scared. And thin. Emaciated really.

I hadn't done dishes and used the last of the cat bowls for breakfast so I grabbed what I could find quick. I gave him food and water, but he just sat there. I emailed my contact at the shelter I foster for. I sent a second one with his picture, then went outside to sit with him.

He was growling under his breath, but I sat about a foot away and didn't try to touch him. He finally ate a little. I slowly reached for him, and he allowed me to pet him. Once he finished eating, I had to run inside, wash my hands, then check on Gabbro since she's adjusting to her new space. I received a reply from my shelter contact. She was calling to find out if the shelter had room and asked if I could get close enough to crate him.

The poor guy didn't move when I went to pick him up. He almost seemed relieved. I got him in a carrier with food and water. I put him in the sun and up high where the dogs couldn't bother him. I also made sure he could see inside to know he wasn't alone. I would have loved to bring him indoors, but I couldn't chance it with all my cats and the foster. Given his condition, not to mention matted fur and super long nails, he'd been outside on his own for awhile.

The shelter had room for him and named him Shasta. They set up a vet appointment for him, and I took him there a couple hours later. The vet agreed he is in bad shape. She couldn't believe he was even walking, let alone made it to my backyard. She was very pessimistic about his condition, but the shelter agreed to run blood tests and give him fluids. The vet cleaned him up. Matted fur was shaved and nails clipped. He didn't make a sound or fight any of this. Such a dear, good kitty

I then took him to the shelter. He has a wire cage to stay in. He's warm and safe. The shelter person let me know last night that he'd eaten and was a sweet boy.

Now, we wait to hear from the vet about his blood work. My hope is he's just starving, but his body reminded me of Rocket's at the end, when the cancer had taken over. I'm praying there's no underlying cause to his condition other than lack of food. No matter what the outcome with his tests, I'm happy Shasta showed up. At least yesterday and today he's been and is being loved. He has people who care about him, are taking care of him and are praying for him. He also has a nice indoor place to sleep and rest and fresh food and water.

UPDATE: The test results are back. YAY! Shasta has Hyper-T and an infection but both can be controlled/treated with medication. I'm so happy for the handsome guy! I will be visiting him at the shelter soon to see how he's doing! Thanks so much for all your prayers!

I'm not sure how Shasta found my backyard, but I'm really happy he did. 

Hope you have a nice Friday!