Monday, December 31, 2007

A year of blog in review

I'm stealing this idea from Marianne who got it from someone else. You look at the first couple lines of what you posted the first day of each month and comment on it with your current prospective.

1. Monday, January 01, 2007 - Happy New Year!

We had a great time at Zoolights last night. A great way to say goodbye to 2006 and hello to 2007! Of course a new year means new resolutions. I went back to the archives. Here's what I wrote exactly one year ago today:

I've also been thinking about my 2007 resolutions and wondering what I would put down for 2008. This will be 1/1/08's blog topic as well as a review of my old resolutions and how I did.

2. Thursday, February 01, 2007 - Win, Lose or...Wed!

LLast Man On Earth has been accepted with no revisions!!! Huge sigh of relief on this end, and I think I'll have to break out the bubbly tonight to celebrate. Here's a snippet of what my editor had to say:

"I went through a number of different emotions whilst reading; I felt Millie's fear before the abseil, and her exhilaration when she skydived, I felt absolutely gleeful when Millie stepped out in a bikini and saw the men's reaction (one of those "yeah!" moments!) and I cried at the end. And THAT tango seen is hot!!"

It's hard to believe that book has been on sale for almost a month when earlier this year I'd been writing it! I still remember how good getting that email felt because I worked so hard on the story. This was the day they told me the new title, Win, Lose or...Wed!

3. Thursday, March 01, 2007 - Second Go-around

I've been telling myself for the last week that I was just at the tail end of the sinus infection, that I was getting better. But when hubby got home from his trip and said I looked and sounded worse than when he left, I knew I'd been kidding myself.

Oh, I remember this. I was sick for a couple of months earlier this year that really impacted the writing of SOS: Marry Me. I should have gone back to the doctor much sooner. Stupid me.

4. Sunday, April 01, 2007 - Palm Sunday

We survived Mass this morning without any palm incidents. Rose wanted to swing hers and I imagined her hitting someone in the eye with it.

I'm almost packed. Just need to find my helmet. It's gotta be here somewhere. My parents are here, ready to watch the kidlets and the kitties, for the next couple of days. I still need to give them a list of where they need to be when. And directions. Cannot forget directions.

That was the day we left for our anniversary trip to Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood. My parents did fine with the kids and it was lovely skiing. On top of it, hubby loved his gift--a gift certificate with Timberline Mountain Guides to climb Mt. Hood. Buying that was the first big step of mine into the world of climbing!

5. Tuesday, May 01, 2007 - May Day

The Tally

New pages written: many (goal: 6.2 pages per day)
Old pages revised on paper: many
Pages of revisions typed in: many
Pages lost or gained due to revisions: many
Total page count to date: 108 (goal: 200)
Days remaining until D-day: 31
Emails from editor in UK: 0
Emails from agent in NY: 0
Emails from continuity loop: so, so many

Chocolate consumed: Hershey kisses last night
Junk food consumed: none
Exercise: One hour Pilates Mat class
Television watched: Heroes
Tears: yes
Link for the day: Phantom of the Opera clips set to a song I love, Because The Night. This is a great video. Embedding was turned off so I couldn't put the video here.

The tally is back. I'm already freaked out about the book. It's going to be an interesting month. I was hoping to have 120 pages done by today, but I didn't make it. That means I need to get extra pages written this week to catch up. Enough about that.

This was were I really felt the time I'd lost being sick in February and March. I was so behind on the book and in a total panic. Much earlier than my normal panics and freak outs that happen with each book. I really didn't think I'd be able to do it with this one! But I did though I did have revisions that needed to be done including deleting scenes and rewriting new ones.

6. Friday, June 01, 2007 - It's Done!

Final Tally

New pages written: 0
Old pages revised on paper: entire book
Old pages revised on screen: entire book
Pages of revisions typed in: entire book
Pages lost or gained due to revisions: -1
Total page count to date: 215
Days remaining until D-day: 0
Emails from editor in UK: 2 (from another editor about cover art)
Emails from agent in NY: 0
Emails from continuity loop: a few

Chocolate consumed: Godiva truffle
Junk food consumed: none
Diet: pretty easy since I have no time or desire to eat right now
Weekly weigh in: 130 (down 8 pounds total)
Exercise: 30 minutes of practicing climbing footwork outside
Television watched: none
Tears: just couple
Clip for the day: A bit tongue in cheek, but this is how I feel about my manuscript right now. Enjoy!

Okay, I did it. But I only have five minutes to get ready for Pilates so I'll write more when I get back. Oh, and hubby made sure I ate three meals yesterday! Plus I remembered to take a vitamin.

The video I posted is no longer available, but was Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. I have never been so relieved to have finished a manuscript as I was with this one. I hope I never feel that way again!

7. Sunday, July 01, 2007 -Happy Canada Day!

One of my furbabies, Spirit, wants to wish all of our friends north of the border a Happy Canada Day! Okay, really she's letting me know how much she hates the vacuum cleaner.

I was (and still am) so happy to see Spirit healthy and more like her old self after her bout with Hyper-T and I131 treatment. Now to get her brother, Rocket, the same treatment in 2008!

8. Thursday, August 02, 2007 - The Grim Rea-Purr

Some of you cat lovers might have already read about Oscar, the Death kitty, who's been the buzz around the Internet and various publications. I found out about the tabby, who lives in a nursing home in Providence, RI, yesterday in this article from Slate. Turns out Oscar can sense when the end is near and has nuzzled over 25 patients right before their deaths. Not sure I'd want a cat with that ability (I'd be too paranoid), but it's an interesting read.

Oh, I remember this one. That was one kitty I wouldn't want. Though he and Tori would probably hit off quite well. Tori comments on this blog and I called her the Grim Reaper after she predicted the deaths of a few celebrities earlier this year. My biggest cat find of the year was the website icanhascheezburger. That's one of the places I visit daily.

9. Saturday, September 01, 2007 - Working hard

These pictures are from Smith Rock. They were taken by my friend, Tiffany, on our Friday climb with the kids. Hope you enjoy the nice scenery shots.

Now for today's entry...

I haven't been on-line much in the last twenty-four hours. But I have been busy. Pilates killed me (a different instructor who tortured us on the reformer machine.) Enjoyed a great and enlightening talk with the wife of a PMR member and a member herself though she doesn't go out on rescues. Procrastinated very little (though did pay a visit to the climbing forum to see if anyone was climbing this weekend around here), but other than that I have been so disciplined. Which means I've been writing!

Let's see, Tiffany is still taking gorgeous pictures and I can't wait until she's back in town so we can climb. The wife of the PMR member had a baby-a girl-in November. Talking with her that day really helped me with the book. And I wasn't 100% disciplined while writing Rescued by the Magic of Christmas, but I was better than I had been with the other books. Progress. Yay!

10. Monday, October 01, 2007 - What Famous Pinup Are You?

This quiz is from Marianne. I had a good laugh over the result.

You are Marilyn Monroe

A classic tortured beauty
You're the dream girl of many men
Yet they never seem to treat you right

Haha. This was one of those can't think of anything to blog about and it's going to be another manic Monday so let's find a quiz or something easy to post. Though it was kind of cool to get Marilyn Monroe.

11. Thursday, November 01, 2007 - Random Thursday

The title for today's blog could have been one of the following:

1) NaNoWriMo Begins
2) Pics from this week
3) Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Instead, I decided to borrow the Random Thursday title from one of the radio shows I listened to this morning on my way to Crossfit. Today was a skills day. Rather than do a WOD (workout of the day) I worked on my form on a variety of exercises. It was still quite a good workout.

Aw, Crossfit. The other thing besides climbing I discovered in 2007. I haven't been feeling up to full workouts still due to this cold/allergy/whatever so it'll be like starting over, but I'm up for it. I really miss my early morning workouts and can't wait to get back to it.

12. Saturday, December 01, 2007 - One Day To Go

The book is due tomorrow. Chapter 9 is back from my cp and it's much better. Huge sigh of relief. I have 10 pages of Chapter 10 revised. That leaves the last half of that one and Chapter 11 to do today. I will spend the day writing. I may skip the swim meet this afternoon since I still have a bad cough and congestion. Plus I really can't justify losing five hours of prime writing time for approximately 4 minutes of swimming (if I add up how much time each of the two kids will be in the water) when hubby can video tape it for me.

Hard to believe I'm still sick with the same thing nearly a month later! Staying home had been the right decision. There seems to be no negative psychological effects on the kidlets. Though I'll know more in about twenty years when they'll come back and say I ruined their childhood by not being there! Haha. I remember feeling as if everything had come together finally and that this was going to be the book I wanted it to be. The one I'd imagined back in December of 2006 as I watch the drama on Mount Hood unfold.

So that's my year of blog in review! 2007 seems like it flew by and that I didn't do all that much except write. What about you? How was your 2007?


Dru said...

my 2007 was good. I went to France. I hope my 2008 is better.

Marianne Arkins said...

2007: The good (had my first novel accepted for publication), the bad (my mom moved away and my dog died), the ugly (have I mentioned how much I hate my hair? And snow?).

2008: The sky's the limit!

Happy New Year!

Tori Lennox said...

I am SOOO over 2007. It's about darn time it's done. *g*

Brandy said...

I am ready for a new year and a new opportunitues, not to mention new dreams. The look back was fun, I remember your writing alot of that! *G*

Have a Happy New Years Eve!

Nathalie said...

That was a pretty nice review... 2007. let's not speak about it! Hope 2008 is better!!

Melissa said...

Dru - I remember your Paris trip! I'm sure your 2008 is going to be amazing!

Marianne - I love the sky's the limit in 2008. I'll drink to that!

Tori - 2008 will be better for you!!!!

Brandy - New opportunities and new dreams sound wonderful!!!

Nathalie - here's to a stellar 2008 for you!