Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

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I love royal weddings! It's especially fun to see a commoner marry a royal! I daydreamed about being a princess when I was little, how about you?

I love reading royal romances. They are my favorite type of romance novels. I've written three of them. If The Ring Fits... came out back in 2000, Expecting Royal Twins! which also features a royal wedding scene was out in February and Not-So-Perfect Princess will be out in July. Here's a blog article from Heroes and Heartbreakers that talks about royal romances.

I've had grand plans to wake up early and watch the royal weddings every since the wedding date was announced. But I've been sick this week. I finally went to the doctor's yesterday. I've got another sinus infection. Needless to say, getting up to watch a wedding didn't happen. But I've got the TV on now and am catching up.

I loved Kate Middleton's dress and veil. So elegant! Prince William looked very handsome in his uniform. The two kisses on the balcony were sweet. I hope the royal couple does live happily ever after!

Now it's time to go back to bed! Hope you enjoyed the wedding and have a great day!


Brandy said...

Oh, no! Sorry to hear about your sinus infection. I hope you heal quickly!
I thought her dress was absolutely lovely.
Can't wait to read your July release!
Again, hope you feel better soon!

Tori Lennox said...

It was a lovely wedding! Bur what the heck was Beatrice thinking????? That "hat" she wore was HIDEOUS!!!! And looked more like antlers than a hat. LOL!

Dru said...

Kate was a beautiful bride and I love her gown. Her sister was gorgeous.

hope you feel better soon.