Friday, April 08, 2011

Random Spring Break Friday

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If you're a category romance reader or even if you just stumbled across my blog looking for info on Crossfit, Ben Barnes smoking or Norwegian Elkhound puppies, please read this great article about Harlequin Romance. The writer gets what the line is all about. She also uses one of my book covers and recommends the title so she's my new BFF!

I'm making progress with my new story. I've been tinkering with the opening scene. I started in the hero's POV, but after seeing Source Code started over in the heroine's POV. I think I've finally nailed it with my third attempt. I need the foundation to be solid before moving forward. Without the right opening scene I flounder. The same thing happened with my last manuscript. I must have written that opening five different ways before coming across the one I used.

This is my RITA publicity shot. Hubby and the kidlets picked it from the ones my friend Jennifer Short from Camas Photography took it on Monday. I hate having photographs taken (and hadn't done it since the Reno RWA conference in 2005.) But Jennifer made it painless and fun. I was finished in just a few minutes. I told her I wanted to look like me. As I type those words, it sounds weird, but she knew what I meant.

I want to tell you about the shirt I'm wearing in the pic if only because hubby still can't believe it. I bought it at the dog show on Sunday. I'd looked at stores, but couldn't find anything. Jennifer, my photographer friend, was with me at the dog show (her daughter is friends with my oldest and also shows dogs) so she helped pick out what color and style would work best. Don't tell hubby, but I actually bought two shirts!

Off to see what the kidlets want to do on this final day of Spring Break! Hope you have a great Friday!