Saturday, April 02, 2011


funny pictures - Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first.

I love this! I like eating my salad last so eating dessert first sounds like a good idea, don't you think?

Sixteen years ago today, hubby and I got married. Time sure had flown by! We don't have any plans. It seems celebrating just isn't in the cards for me right now. He came home from NY sick so I'm not even expecting a card. I'll be happy if he remembers! I do know we won't be together today until later.

This morning I'm heading south to an AKC dog show in Albany, Oregon, where my oldest will compete with Chaos in Jr. Handling. We'll be back down there tomorrow, too.

There's a lot of down time so I'll be working on the new book, trying to figure out characters a bit more and filling in the Blake Snyder Beat Sheet which I use to plot and write the synopsis.

Fortunately we're carpooling with another mom, daughter and dog trio so that will be fun. Adult conversation! I sometimes forget what it's like to talk to someone over the age of thirteen unless they are covered in fur and meow.

Hubby gets soccer detail this weekend! The games don't last long so he can sit in the car and sleep. This will be much easier on him than an almost two hour drive each way to the dog show and then however long we sit around for her turn in the ring.

What do you have going on today?