Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bless Me Father...

funny pictures - can has forgibness?
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A while ago on the blog I said my daily life could be summed up by LOLcats. Today is no different.

I spent the morning preparing 2nd graders at our church for their First Communion. Hubby and Rose were there as participants. Okay, not Confession, but that's what I prepared the kids for in the Fall.

After the retreat, I headed south to Keizer, Oregon to watch my son play soccer. He spent the night at my parents' since I wasn't sure if I could get him down there in time for warm-ups. (It's an hour and fifteen minute drive.)

I got home too late to see Rose's soccer game this afternoon. Poor Mackenna. She had a dog show, but no one could go with her so she stayed home. But she didn't complain too much. One of her good friends invited her over then they went to see Soul Surfer, which she highly recommends.

It's so good to be home. Twelve hours out and about will do that to a person. Of course, now it's time to write. I can't afford a day off right now! Better get started before I fall asleep.

Hope you had a fun Saturday!