Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spring Break Day 2

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So far Spring Break has been great. I'm not sure the kidlets would agree completely since I put them to work cleaning their rooms yesterday. But they managed some fun in the afternoon. I also had fun.

I've started a new book and like my eHarlequin on-line read Snow-Kissed Reunion involves the Hood Hamlet Snowboarding Camp and Academy.

Yesterday I spoke with Mike Hanley at Windell's Academy about my story. I learned so much speaking with him. I couldn't scribble notes fast enough. A also found out what I'm thinking for the storyline will work! The words are bursting to get out.

Check out the Windell's Academy website if you get the chance via the link above. Fun pics and videos. Talk about a cool place! The kidlets already can't wait to attend Windell's Camp someday. Every time we drive past it, one of them says something about going to camp.

I can only imagine what Rose will think of the Academy...a high school where skiing is part of the curriculum! Granted she's only eight, but ski instructors have been talking to us about her since she first stepped into skis a couple weeks after her fourth birthday. Lots of natural talent. Reminds me of Finn and his swimming.

Well, I'd better get writing while I have the chance. Have a great day!