Monday, February 06, 2012

Happy Monday!

funny pictures - What  dog?   The  dog   that   we  are  suppose  to  "beware"  of?Oh  him,  he  is  hiding  under  the  porch.
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Given the #1 commercial yesterday seems to be one about a cat-killing-Doritos-bribing dog, I thought this seemed like a good LOLcat to use today! If you're curious about what the "experts" had to say about the various ads, this article is from USA Today and is titled "Super Bowl ads go to the dogs." I thought the Chevy truck commercial about the end of the world was clever, but Ford didn't think so and sent a letter to NBC and GM asking the ad be pulled.

We were all happy by the games outcome. Finn and I missed the first two quarters due to his futsal game then the drive to my parents' house afterwards, but the second half made up for what we didn't see. After all the game hoopla, the kidlets and I watched The Voice and really enjoyed it. Some great talent on that show. But I was tired on the long drive home!

I'm fighting some sort of cold/bug, but I have a lot to get done so I'd better get started. Happy Monday!


Brandy said...

I wasn't that thrilled with the Doritos dog commercial, but the spring/baby one was funny. *g* I liked the commercial for The Voice the best, Betty White is hilarious.

I hope you stay healthy! Hugs!

Jane said...

I like the Volkswagen ad with dog. We're getting ready for the parade.

Dru said...

feel better.

Maria Zannini said...

I LOVED the Dorito's Great Dane. Any time a dog uses blackmail, I'm in.

Hope your cold isn't too terrible. Get well soon.

Amy W. said...

Feel better soon!

Quilt Lady said...

Hope your feel better!