Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Fair Fun

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The Clark County Fair wasn't scary yesterday, but a few of the rides were! Two of my nephews, ages 10 and 12 joined us for our fair day on Monday. I'd taken their sister with me on Saturday, but yesterday was going to be our all day fair fun fest. It wasn't as warm as the weekend, but it was still hot and cooling down took retreating into the air conditioned Expo Center for a few minutes.

Yesterday was our ride day. We had unlimited ride bracelets. While I took my daughter's place doing herdsmanship in the dog barn so she could finish up her dog judging competition, the boys rode rides. And rode and rode. They returned with slushies and red faces (from the heat, not sunburn.) I then joined them for more rides, but the kind I like (no spinning or upside down ones.)

A 4-H friend brought Rose to the fairgrounds for me after her dance camp. The four kids shared the largest Elephant Ear I've ever seen. Wow! It was the size of a pizza. The four of them had trouble finishing it. I was on Day 6 of my second Whole 30 so had to pass. But boy, I was tempted to take a little taste.

Soon Mackenna had finished her shifts in the dog barn and the expo center. That meant riding more rides. This is where the scary comes in. She is fourteen and has no fear when it comes to rides. I get quesy just looking at what she wants to ride so I did a lot of waiting while they went on the scary stuff. I made the mistake of going on the hang gliders. My stomach is still feeling that one. Unfortunately, my son has my disposition when it comes to ride. He did a lot of waiting with me.

Hubby joined us once his day was finished. He arrived with what we needed at that moment—cash. The kids spent a little time in the water bubbles. Think blow-up hamster wheel in a pool. After dinner, we had to hit all the rides again with hubby.

It was a great day. Lots of food, fun and prizes won playing the dart game. Exactly what a county fair should be!

I hope you had a great Monday and an even better Tuesday!


Maria Zannini said...

Ref: He arrived with what we needed at that moment—cash.

That probably made him the most important person of the day. LOL.

Melissa McClone said...

Definitely, Maria!

I have pics to post on the blog, but they're still on my iPhone and I'm not ready to get out of bed yet. Too much sun yesterday ;)

Jane said...

I'm craving some elephant ears right now.

Quilt Lady said...

I haven't been to a fair in years. I can't handle doing rides anymore. When I was a teen I would ride about anything, now I can't ride anything. I guess we change as we get older.

Sarita said...

I love country fairs! It sounds like you all had a blast. The elephant ear...now I'm having a craving, LOL.

Would have liked to try the water bubbles. That looks like a fun challenge.

Hope you are all recovered from fair fun!

Dru said...

Never been to a country fair. I would have been with you waiting while everyone went on the scary rides.