Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer winding down

funny cat pictures - ARE THE KIDS GONE  BACK TO SCHOOL YET?
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Many of you know I've homeschooled my kids for the past four years. For the past two years, they have attended a school two days a week and are home with me the rest of the time. This parent partnership program has worked out well for all of us. And given me a little more time to write as well as sleep! But this year, change is afoot. My oldest will be starting and attending high school full-time.

It's weird to think of her being away five days a week. I know she's looking forward to it, but I'm not. Even with her sometimes acting as if she were an alien or auditioning for a remake of the Exorcist, I'll miss her. But it was her choice to be homeschooled when she finished fourth grade and when she said she wanted to go to high school, we supported that decision, too.

I do think it'll be strange for her to have to get homework done the day it's assigned. It's never been that way with the alternative school. Already she's been doing schoolwork. Her Pre-AP English class assigned a book called The Book Thief and her AP Human Geography course has her reading Fast Food Nation (her choice out of a list of selection) for summer assignments. 

As for what I blogged about yesterday in regards to LOLcats... I did find a site that will add captions to pictures. If anyone is interested, it's called rolfbot. It's pretty basic with no bells and whistles that I could see when it comes to font size, but it works. I was too tired to do anything more than a sample one of Chaos and her ball...

Not exactly LOLcat quality, but it's a start. I'm assuming there are more sites like this and I hope they allow you to play with the font size and stuff. Just need time to keep looking.

Have a great Friday!