Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Blahs

funny cat pictures - hurray!
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I've been putting drops in a kitty's ears and giving her antibiotics. She ended up with a very bad, painful ear infection, but is improving every day. I learned to give a cat a shot, something I'd never done before. But I'm very glad she's finished with those and now on pill form. Though that has it's challenges too.

I woke up feeling like I got hit by a train. I was feeling this way yesterday so didn't do a lot except write and computer stuff—things I could do while in bed. I think I must of caught some kind of bug while camping. Everything hurts and I have a nose that can't decide if it wants to run or bleed and a headache. Must get better since I want to have a rough draft of my complete manuscript done by Labor Day and I also have to go to a dog show this weekend.

Anyone having Olympic withdrawals? If so, click on this link to go to Funny or Die and watch a video of an Irish Olympic Sailing Commentator. This made the rounds last week, but worth another view if only to add some laughter to your day. Word of warning: there are some curse words used so not something I'd view with kids around!

Enjoy your Tuesday!