Monday, August 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

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Yesterday I was sitting under a pop-up tent on the side of a hill with a perfect view of the Big Kahuna Swim Meet in Coos Bay. There was one problem, however. A spider had decided to crawl on our blanket.

The two girls, my daughter who is nine and another swimmer who is a year or two older, were not happy. I was asked to "get rid" of the spider. I got it off the blanket and far enough away that I hoped the little spider was smart enough not to return. But I tried to explain that when you're camping (we were) and/or spending lots of time outside (like we were) bugs were part of the deal.

The bugs were easy to deal with for me. But I must admit I was so happy to sleep in my own bed. I didn't wake up once in the middle of the night. I was also nice and warm and comfy!

Even with a blow up mattress in the tent I just couldn't quite get comfortable. And it was so cold. The final night I slept in sweats with a fleece jacket on. I tightened the hood as well as the sleeping bag around my face. Better, but still a little chilly. I might have to rethink my dream of alpine climbing unless I can toughen up a bit!

Camping was fun. I missed out on S'mores due to Whole 30, but I didn't mind so much. The best part of the weekend was the swim team beach party on Saturday evening. It was overcast and misty, but a great time. I laughed so hard watching all the kids (young and old) play this game of tag with partners on the sand.

The swim meet was also good. The temperatures were a lot warmer than anyone expected (the weather forecast proved totally wrong once again) but knowing the Oregon coast, I told my kids to bring two outfits for each day—one for if it's sunny and another if it were cold. Some people didn't even pack shorts and they were definitely needed.

By Saturday night I was campfired and socialed out so retreated into our tent, crawled into my sleeping bag and used my headlamp to write. I've changed the working title for my new story from Best in Show to Bachelor of the Year. I just think it fits better!

What did you do this weekend?