Saturday, August 04, 2012


funny cat pictures - Karma takes too long
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See that cat on the bottom? That's how I feel. I was beat up pretty badly yesterday. The reason? Two cats at two different vets for appointments yesterday. I really should have taken in my Chronic Renal Failure cat in, too, but I just couldn't deal with much more.

Verdict from the vets. Both need surgery.

One of the cats belonged to my friend, Elizabeth, who died in June. I'm waiting to hear from the vet this morning about her blood test results then we'll schedule the surgery, most likely next week.

The other is a foster cat. Unfortunately her surgery, a TECA aka Total Ear Canal Ablation, is crazy expensive. Last night, a friend suggested a cute idea in regards to fundraising. I'm hoping the rescue group will approve my doing something to raise money for the surgery. The alternative is sending her over the Rainbow Bridge. I don't want that to happen. She may be a senior cat, fourteen years old, but she could live a lot longer if not for her ear issues.

Enough about cats. Well, sort of...

The Clark County Fair opened yesterday. We're not doing fair this year. At least not how we've done it in the past. I just didn't that much time to spend with the 4-H dog program. Not to mention a week of complaining and hating life isn't fun for me or my family or blog readers. Seven days is just too long, especially for working parents. The girls don't seem to mind too much. Mackenna is still doing the dog judging competition and entered the Photography category for the first time. Both girls also made educational posters.

This weekend the 4-H cat clubs are on display so we're heading over to check that out. The girls might do that instead next year so we want to see what it's all about. Plus Mackenna wants to see how her pictures fared.

What are you up to today?